Embrace the Exotic
marcia king-gamble

Hi Romance Reading Friends,

Just popping in to wish you a happy and fun Summer. How is everybody? Anyone have fun plans?

I’ve been seeing America on weekends. It’s been fun going up and down the Mississippi and visiting many historical towns. I must admit this has been all new to me, and quite the education. Usually, I’m an international girl.

I have lots of writing on my plate this year and two manuscripts to complete. It’s an interesting challenge writing two books simultaneously.

I’m part of a 22-author anthology, with lead author NY Times bestselling author, Heather Graham. My story is about a former Air Force pilotin search of the best friend he’d left behind in Afghanistan.But his co-pilot’s sister isn’t particularly fond of him and for all the right and wrongreasons.

Hop on over to the Must Read Fake Date Romances group on Facebook and see the Author line up. Meanwhile, take a glimpse of the cover of Kwanzaa ‘pon a Time and let me know what you think

My next project is a women’s fiction work. I tackle the very serious and sobering subject of suicide.

But onto happier things, like fun vacations. If you’ll share yours, I’ll share mine with you. Sign my guest book https://www.lovemarcia.com/guestbook.htm to get my newsletter and see what I’m up to.

Have a fun Summer y’all!


Romantically Yours,

Marcia King-Gamble